marker Industrial Zone 225H, Aksay, Kazakhstan


GREEN SPARK has designed a development plan to meet Client’s expectations and market demand from one side, and the aspiration of Kazakhstan to become an industrial developed Country .

We have decided to walk toward the future, so we have put all our efforts to develop our Company in the Green Economy and in the digitalization of manufacturing and in general what is so called Industry 4.0.

Our Localization Plan is therefore aiming to hi-tech and high value added manufacturing processes. High Quality of Localized products is a must.

We believe in our mission, and we believe in strong and fair partnership, as we have with some of technology leaders

And we believe in Knowledge as an absolute value for our young Team of today, and for the tomorrow Teams, with a strong Training Program aiming not only to handle the today Technology excellence, but to be ready to contribute to the innovation for Kazakhstan Energy Market

GREEN SPARK is an open Community, welcoming all People, Companies and Stakeholders interested to help us in the walk to the future Energy


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Renewable Power Systems- One Stop Solution
Skids&Packages– One Stop Solution
Automation & Telecom One Stop Solution