GREEN SPARK's mission is to make renewable energy available for everyone.

GREEN SPARK contributes to the growth of the green energy market and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy use.

Solar energy

Solar energy is the purest energy and represents an inexhaustible supply of renewable energy, and Kazakhstan, due to its geographical location, has enormous potential for the development of this area. 

The range of solar energy applications in modern technology is incredibly large. Solar energy can be used to produce electricity and heat for household, commercial, or industrial purposes. 

GREEN SPARK has a cooperation agreement with LONGI to produce solar panels a world leader in the production of monocrystalline photovoltaic equipment.

GREEN SPARK can offer a variety of solutions of any scale, using solar power plants and other green energy technologies to create comfortable conditions for ordinary users and industries.

  • Remote mobilization camp
  • Agrivoltaic solutions
  • Solar powered telecom towers
  • Car port solutions for urban design
  • Street lighting
  • Green mobility
  • Green building retrofit
  • Home solutions – off-grid
  • Home solutions – hybrid
Wind energy
  • PPA solutions for wind power plants
  • Wind survey, engineering, and procurement services for wind farms
  • Construction management for wind farms
  • Operation and maintenance of wind farms
  • Training solutions for wind farms operation and maintenance
Green Hydrogen

24.09.2022 was a significant day for our company and all the country as Green Spark produced the first molecule of Green Hydrogen in Kazakhstan. We proudly declare that it is the first implemented Green Hydrogen Project in Kazakhstan!

Although, green hydrogen is not yet common, but it is affordable and advantageous solution appearing in the market at this moment. The technology is booming around the world and the purpose of this Project is to gain experience, attract attention to this product and support our international initiatives. The transportation and storage are still the issues to be developed and researched. For this reason, the Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Green Spark and KMG Engineering on the same day.

Green mobility

At our facilities in Aksai, GREEN SPARK plans the construction of a charging system for electric vehicles with self-production of electricity through a photovoltaic system with the aim of enhancing the competitiveness and attractiveness of the territory of Kazakhstan by improving its life.